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Integrated Pest Management Modules


Integrated Pest Management Modules (IPM) link your weather data to actual pest risk, giving you a powerful new tool in protecting your crops from pest damage. These add-on modules generate stepped risk levels to warn you when conditions are most susceptible to pest development. For full use of all the modules, we recommend:

• Vantage Pro2 or Pro2 Plus Weather Station

• Wireless Leaf & Soil Moisture/Temperature Station (without sensors)

• Leaf Wetness Sensor

• Weather Link for Windows

• Vantage Connect for remote access to your weather data


While each software comes loaded with pest models for all known pests (including diseases, insects and mites), you can completely customize your IPM software to track the pests specific to your area. That data is transformed into a color-coded spreadsheet, illustrating the highest risk potentials in red. Because you use real-time data from your own vineyard or orchard weather sensors, the software’s updated pest development algorithms will provide you with the most accurate, crop-specific risk assessment available.


6571 IPM for Grapes

6572 IPM for Apples & Pears

6573 IPM for Stone Fruits

6574 IPM for Nut Trees

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