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Weather Envoy™ 6316

Weather Envoy, when used along with WeatherLink software, will collect and store the same data set as a Vantage Pro2 console. Connect it to your computer with hardware included with WeatherLink for easy and convenient downloading without a console/receiver. Use WeatherLink’s automatic download feature, or manually download to your computer at your convenience, then use the WeatherLink software to view current conditions, graph and chart historical data, or even create your own weather web pages.

Like the wireless Vantage Pro2 console, wireless Weather Envoy can listen to up to eight transmitters. However, the maximum number of each type of transmitter is limited. It can also retransmit data to the console, effectively extending your station’s range.

Weather Envoy includes its own barometer and inside temperature and humidity sensors. You can connect an external temperature probe to replace a wireless Envoy’s internal temperature probe. Both the wireless and cabled versions include an AC-power adapter. Either may also be run using one of our solar power kits. The wireless model can also run on three AA batteries. Expected battery life is 4 to 6 months depending on the logging interval. Batteries should also be added to the cabled model for backup during power outages.

Envoy8X™ 6318

With 32 times the memory of our Weather Envoy, Envoy8X receives and logs data simultaneously from up to eight transmitting stations, in any combination— even eight Integrated Sensor Suites or eight Leaf Wetness & Soil Moisture/Temperature Stations! Doing the math, that means you can get data from 32 soil moisture sensors on one Envoy8X! Includes robust software that allows for data from many sensors and multiple Envoy8Xs to produce very large databases in Microsoft Access, MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server. You select which sensors to log, and choose a logging interval from 10 seconds to 2 hours. You can even add select third-party sensors that report readings in a 0–3 volt range. Data can be easily exported to a spreadsheet program such as Excel, or to WeatherLink to take advantage of WeatherLink’s graphing and reports.

Temperature Probe 6470

Multi-purpose temperature probe with 64 mm long stainless steel housing. Use to measure temperature of air, soil, or water. Add up to four probes to a single Leaf & Soil Moisture/Temperature Station. Includes 4,6m direct-burial cable.

UV Sensor 6490

Measures the intensity of the sunburning portion of the UV spectrum (UVA and UVB), closely matching the Erythema Action Spectrum. Allows you to display UV Index, dose rate and daily and accumulated dose. Latest-technology transducer and newly-designed electronics provide greater accuracy and stability. The new comb structure provides improved cosine response accuracy at zenith angles up to 90 degrees. Two-piece housing minimizes radiation heating, allows convective cooling of the sensor and prevents the trapping of water or dust. To mount next to a rain collector add our Sensor Mounting Shelf. Includes 0,6 m cable.

Solar Radiation Sensor 6450

Measures the intensity of solar irradiance, enabling display of incident power (Watts per square meter) and cumulative energy (Langleys). Diffuser element and housing are designed specifically for accurate cosine response. Silicon photo diode provides a good match to solar spectrum. Two-piece housing minimizes radiation heating, allows convection cooling of the sensor and prevents the trapping of water or dust. 

Soil Moisture Sensor 6440

Uses electrical resistance Watermark soil moisture sensor to measure the moisture level of the soil. Does not require periodic maintenance during the growing season. Simply bury at the desired depth, then monitor moisture levels throughout the season. Add up to four sensors to a single Leaf & Soil Moisture/Temperature Station. Includes 15 4,6m cable.

Leaf Wetness Sensor 6420

Use to monitor the level of surface moisture on foliage, with range from 0 (completely dry) to 15 saturated). Add up to two sensors to a single Wireless Leaf & Soil Moisture/Temperature Station. Includes 12m cable.