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WiSense: Netsens solution for water management and cost savings

Saving Water Sensors

Irrigation programs are adjusted using local climatic and soil moisture sensors, optionally using wireless units deployed in the field. Through a user-friendly web based application, you can change the duration and frequency of watering cycles according to the weather conditions and to the needs of the crop. You can also set thresholds for automatic variation of irrigation programs on the basis of:

cumulated rain
soil moisture

Both the read out of sensor data and the management of irrigation programs take place via the Internet through the simple and powerful LiveData application

What does Wisense offer:

It measure the volumetric water content (WVC) in the soil and calculates the water balance from the data of deployed sensors.

It quickly acts to preserve optimal physiological conditions.

It lets you remotely manage and program the irrigation cycles.

It is suitable for most common growing settings (open field, tree greenhouse, pottery, etc.) and is applicable to all major irrigation technologies.

WiSense standard

Equipment description:

MeteoSense 2.0 main unit, with GPRS modem and SD card slot

Solar Kit with 20W panel and 17 Ah battery (on request, 220VAC power adapter)

2 TerraSense SMT2 sensors for soil moisture and temperature measurement

EV control board (4 channels)

Installation tools.

LiveData Software web interface, with EV remote programming option.

NOTE: installation pole available on request

- Fixed 220V power supply version

- Solar panel version  

- Optional rain collector (code PS-0059-AD)

WiSense options


Optional weather sensors, on main unit:                      

Wireless units with sensors:

Wireless receiver for main unit, n. 2 wireless units, each equipped with 2 soil moisture and temperature sensors

Additional EV control board:

EV control board, with 4 channels

Additional EV wireless control board:

EV control board, with 4 channels, with wireless interface and solar kit (request wireless receiver on main unit)